Square Dance Club Links

Want to find other square dance clubs in the area?  Check out these links below.

Updated 7/1/19


Web Site

Cleveland Federation http://www.clevelandsquaredance.org/
Akron Federation Linked Squares http://linkedsquares.com/wp
59th Ohio Dance Convention Aurora, OH (May 3-5, 2019)
68th National Square Dance Convention Atlanta, GA (June 26-29, 2019)
69th National Square Dance Convention Spokane, WA (June 17-20, 2020)
70th National Square Dance Convention Jackson, MS (June 23-26, 2021)
71st National Square Dance Convention Evansville, IN (June 22-25, 2022)
72nd National Square Dance Convention Mobile, AL (June 21-24, 2023)
Taminations (animated demonstrations of all square dance calls, basic through challenge) http://www.tamtwirlers.org/tamination/info/index.html
Video Lessons (available for purchase) https://videosquaredancelessons.com/