Club History

The Broken Wheel Square Dance Club was formed in April 1967 in Lake County, Ohio.

A brief history of important events is as follows:

April 21, 1967The charter members meet in the garage of Walt and Natella Shell and form the new square dance club. It was named the Sidewinders. Mike Cochran was a club founder, charter member, teacher and club caller.
May 2, 1967The Sidewinders hold their second meeting and change the name to Broken Wheel. They also choose the club colors of yellow and brown.
May 5, 1967Broken Wheel sponsors its first dance.
June 30, 1967BWS enters its first float in a parade (Mardi Gras.)
1970Peg Brooks is elected as club secretary. She has been in the club longer than any other member.
1972Dewey Berry becomes the club caller.
1973Julian “Bud” Bolt becomes the teacher and club co-caller with Dewey Berry. We begin our tradition of having a cakewalk. The first Sunshine Committee is formed.
1980We begin our tradition of having a 50/50 raffle.
1983Francis Queener takes over as teacher and club caller.
1987Bob and Judy Calkins bring the Friendship Song back with them after being at an International Square Dance Convention in Germany.
1987Peg Brooks makes the banner that we still use today.
1995Bob and Judy Calkins are named Honor Couple.
1996Francis Queener retires; Ray Miller takes over as teacher and club caller.
1999Bev Schumann teaches her first class for BWS.
2001Ed and Bev Legat are named Honor Couple.
2001Bev Schumann retires; Jody Serlick takes over teaching the lessons.
2002Dick and Pat Winter are named Honor Couple.
2002Broken Wheel celebrates its 35th anniversary with a series of special events at each dance including a dinner-dance on April 19.
2007Broken Wheel celebrates its 40th anniversary with a dinner-dance.
2008Debbie and Larry Candow are named Honor Couple.
2011Jody Serlick retires; Gene Hammond takes over teaching the lessons.
2017Jim and Betsy Taylor are named Honor Couple.
April 21, 2017Broken Wheel celebrates its 50th anniversary with a dinner-dance, which falls exactly on the anniversary date.
2018Cheryl French is named Honor Person.